Friday, 11 October 2013

Autumn Beauty Report

With cooler temperatures now here, it’s time we start to bring out the autumn wardrobe. Bursting with vibrant, eye-catching colours, including rich shades of blues and greens and lip colours in bold reds and crimson hues, autumn’s beauty looks complement the bold colours seen on the catwalk, while on the beauty side. In addition, beauty professionals are also emphasizing natural make-up looks utilizing simple neutral colours on the lips, a natural face, lengthy lashes or prominent eyebrows, and retro eye makeup.

While brazen trends in eye and lip wear will be big this season, we’ll also see mellow hues and cool colours that boost your best facial features. Add a touch of colour by emphasising lips in a bright pop of lipstick or gloss for a head turning look. Whether you choose to don a bit of blush in a bright shade, lipstick in a gutsy cherry shade, or thick eyebrows, highlighting one feature provides a cool style statement.

Edgy Eyes

Although we've been rocking the cat-eye look for decades now, it is still a major trend and will be a predominant look for this season. Mastering this retro look is actually quite easy — just line the lids with dark liner and flick up at the ends , and add a a contrasting colour such as platinum or pale gold eye shadow across the lids to really make your eyes pop. Swap the dark liner for a lighter colour with some shimmer for more of an evening look, and up the ante by infusing your look with spunky, tribal-inspired jewellry pieces from Made or a scarf in a dainty floral print. You can still make your eyes the focal point of your look without even touching them by following this season’s bold eyebrow trend. If your brows refuse to grow, simply colour them in with an eyebrow pencil in a matching shade.

Lush Lips

This past spring, I got into the bright lip colour craze after attending a wedding where the bride and her bridesmaids wore varying shades of red lipstick to match their M&S floral bouquets. After seeing the array of red hues in crimson, scarlet, and magenta, I knew this was a beauty trend that I’d have to get in on. While these rich colours are suitable for just about everyone, those with thin lips get an extra lift boost from brighter lip hues as slim lips appear larger and more sumptuous when they are painted with darker shades. Begin by outlining your lips with a lip pencil in a matching shade that accentuates the shape of your mouth, making it look more prominent, then colour your pout with the crimson shade of choosing. From vivid reds to dark cherry, a range of crimson shades will be hot this autumn and a favorite among the trendsetters.

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  1. I never been able to pull off the cat-eye look or the bright lip colour (partly as i can't wear lipstick) but i do agree that it a major trends this season.