Monday, 26 August 2013

Cocoa Brown Tan review

You may have heard about this new 'one hour tan' tan and wondered what all the fuss is about? Well wonder no more, it really is that good!

I'll be honest, when I first tried it I wasn't completely convinced; the mousse spurts out a bit which splatters where you don't want it, it expands like hair mousse which means you use more than you want to, and the mitt is scratchy so I'd use a different one if I were you, BUT, don't let that put you off, the results are amazing. 

It's called the One Hour Tan because that's all it takes for a natural, light colour, although for those after a darker tan, it does carry on developing for three hours. Due to my pale skin tone and only having an hour to spare, I left it to develop for the shortest time, as you never know how dark they'll go, and I was left with a gorgeous hint of a tan, just enough to take the 'edge' off my skin colour, and probably perfect for those with very very pale skin tones, but it didn't really look like a tan (which isn't a bad thing for me!), so I think I'll leave it on for longer next time.

It left my skin feeling really soft after washing it off, and I was left with a smooth, streak-free golden tan, I'll just use a different mitt next time! And at £7.99 it blows some of the more expensive brands out of the water.


  1. This looks very exciting! Thanks for the review!!


  2. This looks amazing, I'm gonna try it xxx

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