Saturday, 24 November 2012


I don't do Nail of the Day posts, but today's nails definitely deserve one! Today I'm wearing All That Glitters by IBD Just Gel - a beautiful, almost 3D effect gold glitter gel polish.

I've tried most of the gel polish systems (Shellac, Geleration, Gelish to name just a few) and to be honest, they're all fab and pretty much the same; long lasting, beautifully shiny, easy to maintain nails. So when I tried Just Gel, I didn't really think it would be any different, and I suppose it isn't miles above the others as they're all so good, but this one definitely just beats them. The colours are beautiful (I've tried All That Glitters, All Heart and Slate), but the thing that makes me prefer this system is the amazing gloss you get from it, and it really does last until you take it off. The others might not chip, but they do start to look slightly worn at the tips, the only way you can tell this one isn't freshly applied it because you can see where the nail has grown by the gap at the base!

This is a professional service, so check if there's anywhere near you that offers it as its quite a recent launch, but honestly, it's worth hunting down!

Secret Beauty Verdict: I'll find it hard to go back to any other brand now, cannot fault this at all!


  1. soooo pretty! id love more NOTD posts :)

  2. So pretty! and I am a big fan of gel nail polish!!

    BTW, followed your blog, sweetie!♥ it!
    The Misty Mom

  3. I've been wanting to buy this gold polish at Skin Food but its always out of stock... Might be better to buy one online.

  4. Beautiful.

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  5. This looks amazing!! I love how pretty it is!

    I love gel polish kit.I've got one of the gel polish kit at Runway Professional. Its really nice and perfect for me.

    Cindy xx