Thursday, 21 June 2012

In a spin

This is just a quick post as I'm currently writing this on holiday by the pool (sorry to rub it in) but I NEEDED to talk about Goody's Spin Pin!

I bought these (you get a pack of two) a while back and have been using them to chuck my hair up at work and home to keep it out of my face as you get no kinks at all and have been loving it anyway, but on holiday it's come into it's own!

Basically it's a swirly hair pin that you twist into the hair to make a bun (using both if you need to) and I just love it! I usually use normal hair pins and keep my bun in place using four of them, but the beauty of this and why it's been so great on holiday is because it's so quick and easy. I keep my hair up by the pool and can quickly twist it in and out when I need to, it stays in when I dive in the pool or sea better than a hair bobble, it kept a side bun in and looked better than if I'd used loads of pins when needing to wear a hat for the day, and the thing I've loved most is prepping my hair before we go out in the evening. I get out of the shower, apply my trusty Kérastase Soleil Lait Richesse Restoring and Moisturising Care (my hair is never softer than when I use this, actually in better condition on holiday than at home!) followed by either a salt spray or my fave holiday styling product, KEVIN.MURPHY HAIR.RESORT (no frizz, gorgeous beachy texture), twist my hair into a bun, put the Spin Pin in and do my make-up. About 10 minutes before we go out I unspin, give my hair a little scrunch and I'm ready to rock! I used to do the exact same routine but with hair pins, and although the result was still good, it's just so much easier now and the hair seems to 'wave' in a much nicer way. It also seems to hide in the bun so looks completely natural and effortless, especially when doing a loose side bun.

I could go on all day but I think you get the message! This is one of those amazing hero products you find that you don't have to shell much out for at all. In fact, I think I may have to stock up to ensure I always have one to hand...

Secret Beauty Verdict: a definite hair staple, especially for holidays. I think I'd feel happier leaving my bikini at home than my Spin Pin!


  1. I love this!!

    check me out

  2. I've seen these in stores and have been curious. How exactly do you put them in your hair? I'm not at all good at styling my hair, but I'd like to start doing something more creative than just leaving it down.

  3. Just to let you know i awarded to liebster award to you :) go check it out on my blog.

  4. Sorry girls, just seen these comments! Fiona, this is great for people who don't do much with their hair and you literally just twist it in and it stays, amazing! PenguinsandCows - thank you so much! x