Monday, 9 January 2012

Quick-fire recommendation: Buddha Beauty

This body lotions is one of the best I've found, and having dehydrated skin means I have tried A LOT! The Buddha Beauty Company approached me for the magazine I write for as I hadn't heard of them before, but loved the concept of the product range: inspired by the many places the founders have travelled resulting in a gorgeous range of products which are natural and certified organic.

The Lemongrass and Bergamot Organic Body Lotion (£12.50 smells amazing and natural (although it may be a bit too strong for some) using Lemongrass to lift with Bergamot to bring balance.

I absolutely love everything about this lotion, the smell is gorgeous, it sinks in beautifully and really hydrates immediately. It also leaves the skin looking amazing with a lovely sheen without being greasy and this has lasted me a good 6 months using it almost daily - pretty great value I'd say!

Secret Beauty verdict: In my eyes this product is perfect although the fragrance could be slightly strong for some, but I LOVE it and everything about it!


  1. LOVE IT!! Interesting Work HUN! want to comment it!! love love love loveRhonda Allison Pumpkin Cleanser

  2. this is great! i do my nail a lot and i am always looking for good lotions

    happy to be a new follower :)

  3. Hey I love your blog! I never thought about how beauty journalists have to lie sometimes in magazines. Check out my blog! It would make my day!

    1. Thanks K, it's not a complete lie as we never put terrible products in magazines or anything, but sometimes the smaller companies miss out as they're not big money spenders with advertising so it's nice to be able to give real reviews! x