Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Ready, Get Set....Go!

I was lucky enough to meet celebrity make-up artist Dani Guinsberg the other week who showed me lots of clever highlighting and contouring tips and tricks, as well as the must-have products to create these (MAC Sculpt is a-ma-zing for contouring btw). One product she showed me was a professional make-up artist must-have but not available on the high street and that was Ben Nye’s Neutral Set Powder. I bought mine for £5.95 from screenface.com, a website for stage make-up artists but it is basically a completely translucent face powder to set make-up for theatre actors or those on long photo shoots and it works so well!

I was a bit worried as the powder is completely white, but when it’s on there really is no colour as so many make-up brands’ translucent powders do actually have a colour in them and they don’t work all that well at setting make-up for the whole day either. Dani told me that she uses this on brides all the time once she has finished their make-up as it really will last all day, is tear-proof for the ceremony and sweat-proof for when the newly-weds are strutting their thang on the dancefloor too!

So, she sold it so well to me that I just had to try it for myself and I love it! I still use my trusted Estée Lauder Doublewear foundation which never fails and always stays in place, but what I love the Neutral Set for is to keep the rest of my make-up on all day, especially concealer as I find this slips off so easily, but is great to set blusher and eyeshadow too! It’s also great for removing shine and keeping it at bay so for those who suffer from oiliness, a bit of this on in the morning should sort you out! It’s not the easiest to keep in your handbag all day though as the powder is in a sort of talcum powder type container that you tip onto the back of your hand and use a big powder brush to dust all over, but used well in the morning really should work!

Another tip she taught me, which I didn’t know but makes perfect sense now she’s said it, is to only apply powder on top of powder, or liquid on top of liquid for a seamless result. So, I use a liquid foundation and have then been applying a powder blusher/bronzer on top of this, but to make it look much more natural I should be either use a liquid blusher or bronzer OR apply a face powder over my liquid foundation to then be able to use other powder products on top! Liquid on top of powder works a bit easier than the other way round, but if you can use all the same then you should apparently.

Anyway, short but sweet post with a couple of tips thrown in the mix too!

Secret Beauty Verdict: This should be in your make-up bag along with all your other essentials – such a good price and will last ages!


  1. I love Ben Nye, I must try this translucent powder lots of weddings coming up I wonder if they have another with just a hint of color. Thanks love,

  2. Hi Gina, I think I'm going to be trying a lot more of the products now I've discovered this! I'm sure they would have something with a hint of colour, they seemed to have a whole range of powders to try, it is completly translucent though which is good. x

  3. Gosh, never heard of Ben Nye but sounds fantastic - you have sold me. Thanks.

    Jan from Muscat