Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Formspring question: Stretchmarks

"I'm bored because of stretch marks. I know they can't be removed forever but is there any good product that can improve the skin and make them disappear a little bit? thank u so much."

I know the feeling! I've found Bio Oil to work really well for mine, they don't disappear but they do get better the more you use it - it's also great for scars. The best thing to do for them is to keep the skin really well hydrated so drink lots of water and use a rich moisturiser or body oil on them regularly which should hopefully make them fade slightly. Sorry not to be of more help - they're tricky things to get rid of!!


  1. I started using Purity 12’s products during my pregnancy when my skin started breaking out pretty badly. After just a few weeks of using it, my skin cleared up and the doctor said that it’s really safe because the product wasn’t harsh and full of chemicals. I used it during my entire pregnancy and ran out on my second bottle just a few weeks after I had my baby. I liked this product so much that I ended up placing another order and will continue to use this cleanser even though I am no longer pregnant. I’ve enjoyed it so much so I decided to sign up for their instant business. It’s so amazing because they took care of me during my pregnancy and now I’m earning for my kid’s future because of them! I’m really overwhelmed and thankful to them that’s why I take time to share it with people.

  2. A more expensive but long-lasting resolution is laser surgery. High success rates have been reported with removing stretch marks via laser. If spending a bit of money to feel beautiful is an option, look into it!