Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Fishing for compliments

Today I am rocking the side-swept fishtail a la Blake Lively- and I did it all by myself! It actually isn't hard at all, I've just shied away from it as it looks so difficult until a lovely hairdresser showed me how to do it!
I don't have step-by-step imagery so I'm going to have to try and explain in as much detail as I can, although it is pretty simple and I'm probably way behind many of you out there!
  1. To do a side plait, pull all the hair over to the side you want it to fall on and split in two, almost like two ponytails.
  2. holding both 'ponytails', take a thin strand of hair from the outside edge of one, and and pull over to meet the inside edge of the other, add this to that 'ponytail'.
  3. Repeat from both sides all the way down and secure.

It really is that simple, hopefully it makes sense and it can be fiddly trying to keep the two 'ponytails' separate whilst also adding strands, but once you get the hang of it it works really well. I prefer wearing it slightly messy and loose anyway, so have just put a kirby grip in the middle of the nape of my neck to keep some of the hair pinned in, and let the layers I have anyway fall around my face. It is also much easier doing it yourself at the side, as it's handy to look in a mirror.


  1. Thanks for the guide, I always thought it was much more complicated than that! I'm going to give this a go now! xxx

  2. Let me know how you get on and if I've been clear enough, but definitely so much easier than I thought! x

  3. I love my fishtail :)

    I recently did a youtube vid showing how to do a few different plaits and this was one of them - as it is so simple!!


  4. although it is pretty simple and I'm probably way behind many of you out there!
    sabo schmuck