Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Formspring question: natural make-up

 "When I put makeup on it doesn't look natural How can I make it look natural?"

First thing would be that if you wear foundation, it may be worth getting a slightly more expensive one from a beauty counter so you can get the perfect shade for you - Clarins have a great range which look really natural and match to your skin tone exactly. Apply all over as if it is a moisturiser, including almost down to the top of your chest, then blend around hairline, nose, and eyebrows and underneath the chin with a sponge. Then if you need concealer, ask for the recommendations when you buy your foundation, as this will match perfectly. It may seem a lot of money when you pay out for these instead of buying a cheaper brand, but it really makes so much difference and then you don’t need to shell out on anything else once the base is right!  These usually last so much longer as are more concentrated, so in the long run of things you may not be spending too much more.

The next key thing to do is when using blusher or bronzer is to almost put on too little an amount and layer depending how dark you want to go, and always blow the brush before you apply. I find Benefit Dallas is a really natural bronzer as it’s not too dark, and Miners have just brought out a great bronzer/blusher and bronzer/highlighter duo which are really natural too. Use a big brush to sweep in the hollow of the cheek and up to the temple, then using a smaller blusher brush, apply a natural blusher very lightly on the apples of your cheeks – check out my blog here for tips on this.

For eyes, line the inside with a white pencil liner for a summery look, or black for a more defined look. If you prefer to have definition on the lash line, then using an eyeliner brush (I love MAC’s 209 Eye Liner Brush) use whichever shadow colour you like, although I tend to line the lashes for more of an evening or made up look. If you want to wear eyeshadow, then go with a nude colour for a natural look. I always use black mascara but if you want it to be slightly more toned down, then go for brown. A slick of lip-gloss or balm and you’re ready to go!

I hope that that helps, it’s really all in the application and go along the less is more route – as well always apply in natural light!


  1. Would really welcome your advice about my dark (slightly sunken) circles!(The rest of my face is in good shape!)

    Should I go for a concealer or corrector? (Is there a difference?!) If a concealer, Bobby Brown's Creamy Concealer or Mac's Studio Finish? If a corrector, Bobby Brown or Armani?

    And for nourishment, which is the richest eye cream you've come across? I've heard good reports about Clinique Repair Wear, Dior Hydra Lift Pro-Youth Sorbet & Estee Lauder Time Zone.

    With many thanks for such an inspirational blog!

  2. Hi Jan, so sorry for the delay in replying! I'd say if you can get both corrector (Armani) followed by concealer then do, otherwise go for just a concealer and Bobby Brown over MAC, but Laura Mercier has the best out there if you want to try different to Bobby Brown or MAC.

    Nourishment-wise Estee Lauder Time Zone is excellent but I recently tried Darphin's Wrinkle Corrective Eye Cream which I really liked and would definitely recommend.

    Hopefully that helps - do let me know if you need anything else or I haven't answered your question properly!! x