Friday, 4 June 2010

Chanel for less

This is just a quick post in a similar vein to my previous one about Chanel’s colour of the moment ‘Particuli√®re’, as their latest must-have, sold-out-everywhere shade is 'Nouvelle Vague', a gorgeous, turquoise, summery shade. Unfortunately for my bank balance, I’m not sensible enough to feel that £16.50 is a bit much to spend on nail varnish, but thankfully this limited edition is sold out everywhere, so I had to look elsewhere – and I’m so glad that I did!

‘For Audrey’ from China Glaze (RRP around £6.50) is named as such because it is based on Tiffany’s signature colour (the link there if you can’t work it out is Audrey Hepburn – Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and the colour is almost identical! The only difference, and I do prefer the Chanel for this reason, is that For Audrey doesn’t have the same subtle metallic shimmer to it as Nouvelle Vague does, but the colour is pretty much identical and the quality of the lacquer is lovely to apply.

Secret Beauty verdict: Almost identical colour and for a fraction of the price, although the shimmer of Chanel’s does win slightly!


  1. This is perfect timing, my delayed reaction means I think I haved missed out on Nouvelle Vague so this is my only option. Now to find a slightly shimmering polish for a top coat...

  2. Jan´s query on 2 June about the difference between concealers/correctors & products you recommend is of real interest to all of us students herewho can´t afford to make expensive mistakes!

    We´re so looking forwardto reading your reply!

  3. great i think missed out only now best article

  4. Hey beauty junkie, let me know if you find a slightly shimmering polish! x

  5. Hi Holly! I've just replied to Jan's query which I hope helps...if you're looking for cheaper options then Soap and Glory's Trick or Treatment is a great under eye concealer which works really well, but if you do have a problem with very dark circles then a corrector and concealer would be the best option of you can afford to do it. Although the products are expensive, they do last a long time (both product-wise and also on the skin) and are well worth it. Hope that helps, feel free to ask more questions if you need to! x