Sunday, 13 June 2010

Quench thirsty skin

It’s been a long time coming but I’m finally answering Dana’s question...!

“I have really sensitive skin, quite dehydrated in winter with red and dry spots around my nose and mouth. Is there a moisturizer out there you would recommend? Maybe the specific line of products? I've already tried Vichy and Avene but wasn't impressed with the result...”

I find Dermalogica products great for this type of thing and it may be worth going in to get a free ‘skin mapping’ consultation which will really look at your skin with their recommended products but they’re not pushy and will happily send you away with samples. Something I’d really recommend of theirs is the Skin Hydrating Booster (RRP £47) on the driest areas...

...followed by Skin Smoothing Cream (RRP £40). 

I know this seems quite expensive but I find the products really do work and last for such a long time.

If you’re looking for natural products (which would also be really good for your skin if it is sensitive) then look out for anything with rose in it as this is great for dry skin. A night cream would also work well and I’ve mentioned Weleda's Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream (RRP £9.50) before but this is such an excellent product, and I’m pretty sure their day cream would be fab too. Weleda products are also much cheaper than other products mentioned in this post and definitely work well.

A couple of other rose-based products that work wonders are Aromatherapy Associates Renew Rose Hydrating Mask (RRP £28.50) which is a lovely gel mask that can either be used as a treatment a couple of times a week, or applied before bed and left on to really hydrate overnight.

Their Renew Rose and Sandalwood Facial Oil (RRP £34) deserves its own review as it has completely changed my skin. I’m using a couple of drops both morning and evening after a hydrating serum and before moisturiser and it’s even gotten rid of my spots! It is absolutely amazing and if there is one product out of everything I’ve mentioned then I’d say it should be this! 

 I realise this is quite a big list and you may want to stick with one range, so if you do then I’d say Weleda is excellent and is also really reasonably priced, although I’d still say get the Aromatherapy Associates Oil if you can, and if you’re happy to spend a bit more money (which if you can then is really worth it) then go for the whole Aromatherapy Associates Rose range. Do pop into a Dermalogica place for a free skin mapping anyway just to see what your skin is doing!

Hopefully that helps and obviously this is just my preference, but I can’t see how these products couldn’t work on everyone else’s skin with amazing results!

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  1. I love Dermalogica skin smoothing cream and I love the Weleda products you recommend. The rose treat seems to always be sold out so I am sure it's good stuff, Great post, love