Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Formspring question: Jobs

"How demanding is it to work for a magazine?from Sarah _IAB x"

Hi Sarah,

Sorry for the delay in replying...I've been on holiday!

This is a tricky question as I guess it depends on the type of magazine you work on, but I’ve definitely found that any magazine I’ve been on has been extremely demanding, but in a good way. You realise quite quickly if it’s the type of job for you as you have to love working to deadlines, and occasionally feeling like you actually don’t have a life on your own! I’ve been in the beauty industry for quite a few years now and absolutely love it, so the hard work, late nights, press events at weekends and in the evenings, and stress before a deadline is all worth it when you’re hearing about exciting new brands and products first. I’d also say that if it’s something you’re considering then definitely try and do an internship or work experience first!

Hope that helps!


  1. Very insightful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. No worries! Feel free to ask more questions! x