Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Formspring question: Undereye concealer

"Hey SBB. I'm looking for a great concealer for dark circles. Any idea?. kisses."

I’ve briefly mentioned it in my blog before but I recently discovered Giorgio Armani’s Master Corrector in Apricot which you apply under the eyes before foundation and it really does help to conceal them. It can look slightly orange, but then with foundation over the top followed by YSL’s Touche Éclat instantly makes eyes brighter. I wouldn’t recommend Touche Éclat on its own though as it’s a highlighter, not a concealer so only works once you’ve actually covered up the circles but is great to reflect light away from lines and dark circles. A cheaper branded product that I think is fab is Soap and Glory’s Trick and Treatment, a lovely consistency with a gorgeous sparkly quality that covers really well, although it doesn’t last as long as more premium brands. These are my personal preferences but whatever you do, go for a liquid consistency as anything else just makes the area look matt and very unnatural and always use a finger to blend in as the warmth will work it into the skin better.


  1. Bobbi Brown correctors are really nice

  2. Hi doll, welcome back hope your Holiday was lovely! Thank you for the recommendations! I have heard great things about Armani foundations, good to know about this corrector as well. I am loving Diorskin hydrating Concealer. Truly leaves the area under the eve looking dewey, fresh not cakey! I use honey for my olive complexion and it matches perfectly.

  3. Ah, thanks lovely! Def going to try Diorskin, it sounds amazing - would probably have to go for 'pale' for my pasty skin! xx

  4. Thanks Peachy, Bobbi Brown stuff never fails does it? x