Friday, 16 April 2010

Spring/Summer Trends #2 - Plaits.

This one is relatively self-explanatory really...plaits are still in! Loose plaits, side plaits, wet look plaits, French plait pigtails - you name it, SS10 has it! Slightly different to last year's which had a more hippy feel to them, but here are a few images for inspiration...


This was actually backstage before Qasimi took the plait out to create the 'new natural' look in my Trend Report #3, but I think it still looks nice and is perfect for throwing your hair up quickly whilst still being on-trend.

Miu Miu

I love everything about Miu Miu, especially the accessories, and the signature print this season is so beautiful. But back to the hair. Obviously, this isn't the model's real hair, but this works on any length if you have enough to bring it around to the side and plait. If you want a neater look, then grip around the back but in the same way as Qasimi above, it has a lovely, summery, chilled out feel if it is slightly messy. This also extra gorgeous on curly hair.

Alexander Wang

 I prefer this to the Miu Miu look as I think the deep side parting looks much softer. 

Day-old hair works best with this, just prepped with a product on dry hair such as Davines Defining System Protein Sculpting Lotion (RRP £18), a clear fluid to give hair slight hold whilst conditioning and leaving a natural shine with body and texture. Simply bring the hair round to the side opposite to the parting, and start the plait from behind the ear. No need to use any finishing spray having used the Sculpting Lotion if you want to keep the flyaway look, otherwise a mist of hairspray will keep it looking neater.


If you want to keep the wet look (which is another big trend this season), then start with wet hair and cover in wet look gel - simple!

Bora Asku

I love this style, it just looks so romantic and pretty! Hair should be in good condition but will work best when it's slightly dirty. 

To prep hair, use a smoothing cream such as Schwarzkopf's OSiS 4-Play Moulding Cream (RRP £10.45) to give slight hold whilst providing a natural shine and still allowing for a textured look. Take a slight side parting and taking a section of hair from the front, plait and kirby grip behind the ears on both sides, not necessarily plaiting the section of hair until the end. Then simply plait the rest of the hair each side to come down over the shoulders. A mist of shine spray will keep the hair looking glossy and natural. 


  1. i LOVE the look of plaits! unfortunately, i can never grow my hair out long enough for me to do it :p


  2. Yes I agree, a side parting is softer and I think more easy to wear than the other plaits and a slightly looser plait looks effortless. Although the tightly braided plaits look very chic and fashionable :)

    Thanks for sharing and for the follow, I really appreciate it! xxx

    Sarah @

  3. i love plaiting/braiding my hair. it gives a care-free vibe to an everyday look, but it also makes us look polished. :)