Friday, 16 April 2010

Spring/Summer Trends #1 - Buns.

It’s sunny in London and feels like Spring has finally sprung (I know that as soon as I post this blog it will pour with rain, but positive thinking and all that) so I thought I’d finally do my spring/summer hair trends as seen on the catwalks…
Trend #1 buns.

Badgley Mischka

Not quite a bun, but not quite a ponytail either - this sleek, shiny look is an alternative for an evening up-do on holiday. Relatively easy to re-create (as long as you have long enough hair), this would work best on wet hair to create the sleek look, and actually works really well for those with fringes as you can create the height on the crown by pinning the fringe back into a slight quiff. 

Prepare the hair with lashings of wet look gel, or use L’Oréal Professionnel’s Fix Design Spray (RRP £.9.95), all over, and for those without a fringe, pull your hair back up from the ear (as if you’re about to tie it half up/half down), push the hair forward slightly to create a bit of height, then pull the rest of the hair up and tie it all into a ponytail, pinning just above the band with Kirby grips to keep the height. Use more product through the length of the pony, tie a thin band around it in line with the hairline on your neck, and use a small Kirby grip here attached to the hair band and grip to the hair. For a more wearable look, either bring the end of the pony back through and pin rather than leaving it to stick up, or, if your hair is long enough, bring it through and wrap around the band at the top of the pony, pinning underneath to hide the grips and the band. Much simpler than I’ve made it sound and hopefully that makes sense! Finish with a spray all over of hairspray or more Fix Design Spray.

Bottega Veneta

This is an extremely easy one to recreate and one of my favourites. Hair is best a day old here and prepped with either dry shampoo or Matty Texturizing Spray from Clynol’s Play With Me range sprayed generously throughout the hair.

Scrape hair back into a ponytail with your hands to keep it messy, tie with a band, then randomly pin with hair pins just to secure it, but leave as messy as you’d like. You can leave it without the headband, but I think it brings the look together a bit more. I tend to wear a couple of thin bands (almost like giant hair bobbles) which I pick up from Primark for about £1 for 10 in bright colours and neutral colours.

Another take on the messy bun look is from Matijs,

Alice Palmer,

and Charles Anastase. 

All recreated in exactly the same way as above, but obviously the buns are just placed differently. They all work best without securing the pony with a band and just wrapping it into a ‘bun’ shape and pinning randomly. To finish the looks, apply Clynol’s Matty liberally to keep the look as matt as possible. 

Lanvin was also channelling the messy bun look, although they’re not quite as consumer friendly, but beautiful all the same!


This is a really fun, summer look and so easy to recreate! Again, hair is better wet to do this and prep in the same way as Badgely Mischka. Scrape the hair into a really smooth ponytail and use a bungee band to secure (for those of you who aren’t familiar with these, they’re great and keeping hair really tight. You can make your own by attaching two Kirby grips to an elastic, pinning one in the hair, and wrapping the band around the pony, and gripping the other Kirby in once it’s as tight as you want it). 

Using any kind of fabric you want (a pretty scarf would be nice), place this on the band before you finish wrapping it round the hair and hooking it in to secure it. Then simply plait or twist your hair with the fabric in it as well and pile it onto the head however you want. If you have fabric left over, wrap this around the base of the bun and then secure the bun to the head with Kirby grips to stop it from moving, and spray generously with hairspray or Fix Design Spray as before.

Matthew Williamson

This is one of my favourite looks and is so easy to do, even though it looks complicated. Malcolm Edwards who worked backstage for L’Oréal Professionnel on this showed me how to do it so I promise it’s easy! Prep wet hair as above and take a diagonal parting starting from where the centre of your eyebrow is, all the way across to the other side of the head ending up just below the ear. Make a ponytail in each section just above the parting but diagonally from each other and secure tightly, then simply wrap them around each other pinning each end securely underneath the bun once you’ve finished, gripping wherever else it doesn’t sit to the head. Finish as before.

Once you have a play around with the styles they make much more sense than just reading what I’ve written so hopefully you’ll be able to figure something out from my ramblings!

Stay tuned for more trends…


  1. Ooh I love the buns!! I love those last elastics, they work wonders and don't leave a lump. I love Malcom Edwards..thank you for sharing this great post and great product inspiration.. Love it, happy weekend and happy Spring!

  2. Love the buns too! Especially Lanvin's Carrie-esq bun, too bad not every girl can get away with it - I shall try either way.

    Great post :)


  3. Thanks girls, I know it helps if you have a face like a model to get away with a messy bun, but I've just been wearing it anyway and telling people that I'm 'on-trend'!! xx

  4. If you could ever do a post on these kinds of styles for women over 40, I'd be eternally in your debt....