Saturday, 17 April 2010

Spring/Summer Trend #3 - The New Natural

I think this has to be my favourite trend this season as it's just SO easy and is perfect for hair with a slight natural wave already to just dry naturally.


Versace's look is slightly sleeker than the others, and I'd say to achieve this look best, tong hair the night before and then spray a curl reviving product through in the morning such as Bumble and Bumble's Curl Conscious Reactivating Mist (RRP £17.99), followed with some serum to create a slight, smooth wave in the hair. 

Or, if you have fine hair, tong it a few hours before you want it to look natural so that it has time to drop. Alternatively take big sections of hair and wrap around a large tong like Andrew Barton's I Love Curls Professional Curling Iron (RRP £19.99) for a short time to get a light wave. Never use the clamp on the tongs as generally you will always get a mark at the end of that wave, so just wrap the hair around the whole thing and hold it there, it's also much kinder on your tresses. Another way that works really well is to tong the hair quite tightly using tongs as below, and then brush through with a bristle brush, which more or less smooths the surface but makes waves rather than curls. Style with any kind of curl cream, salt spray or serum, and spritz with hairspray.

The rest of these looks can all be styled in the same way, and it's worth having a play to see what works best for you. I've recently discovered Spun Satin Styling Souffle from TIGI's S Factor range (RRP £14.30) and it's fab. Just run it through damp hair and leave it to do it's thing! It gets rid of all frizz and keeps it looking lovely and wavy. You do need to wash your hair again the next day though as it make the hair feel a bit greasy after a day's wear.

I tend to wash my hair, put some Styling Souffle through and then wrap my hair up into a bun, just securing with a couple of pins so you don't get any kinks from a hair elastic. I then go about my usual routine (make-up etc) then take it out as I leave the house and let it dry. I always have to bring some serum with me though to tame any frizz once it has dried. Alternatively, tie hair into a loose plait being careful not to tie it too tight at the end, or if you're short on time then dry on low speed with a diffuser on your hairdryer. Sometimes the front of my hair doesn't work as well as the rest, so I'll twist or plait these back and grip them for a hippie vibe, or pin it up in a quiff.





  1. I usually tong my hair the night before like you suggested as its the best way to get that nice wavy look minus the frizz the next day! lol.

    On the other hand, rarely style my hair so leaving it to do the waves naturally isn't so bad, even with a blow dry. So not styling helps! :)

    Thanks for sharing xxx

    Sarah @

  2. I've been enjoying the hair posts!

  3. I like.. I have really long hair and sometimes I just don't feel like curling all of it.. I like the "Beachy look" hairstyle. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I absolutely adore this beachy/wavy/natural hair look. I try to recreate it but it never quite looks as great as these photos. I'll have to keep working at it.


  5. Adorable product details are here on this blog.