Thursday, 1 April 2010

Perfect Nails Every Time

Here’s the situation: You think you have loads of time to get ready for a big night out, so mess around doing nothing in particular, until you suddenly realise that you’re going to be late and you definitely won’t have time to do your nails. Happens to me so often! I spoke to manicurist to the stars (Naomi Campbell and Nicole Kidman to name a couple), Marian Newman, on her tips on how to leave the house looking perfect from top to toe (nail)…

If you have 3 minutes.

*If you have uneven nails, file them from sides to centre to even them up.

*Wet the end of a white nail pencil (available in most places) and run it under the free edge of the nail.

*Apply a dab of cuticle oil to each nail and rub in lightly, then buff with chamois leather.

If you have 5 minutes.

*File as described above.

*Apply an all-in-one base and top coat, or alternatively a base coat and coat of quick-drying nail polish.

*When the nails are touch dry, apply a drop of cuticle oil (or body oil) to the cuticle area and lightly rub over the nail surface. This sets the manicure quickly whilst also moisturising the cuticles.

If you have 30 minutes.

*File as before.

*Soak nails in almond oil for 5 minutes.

*Gently push back the cuticles with a rubber tipped cuticle stick.

*Clean under the nails with an orange stick wrapped in wet cotton wool.

*Massage in hand cream.

*Scrub nails with a brush and soapy water to create a smooth, oil free surface.

*Apply a base coat, followed by two coats of polish, being careful not to ‘flood’ the cuticle by painting too far down the nail. Ideally wait at least 1 minute in between each coat.

*After three to five minutes apply a top coat.

*When the nails are touch dry, apply a drop of oil as before and massage into the nails.

So girls, now you have no excuse not to leave the house without perfect nails! I spend so often doing mine on trains on the way to places that I’ve actually gotten quite good at it (if I do say so myself!), so practice really does make perfect!


  1. Great advice. Two things I always run out time to do are my nails and straightening my hair. I'll be doing the 3-minute suggestions in the next week, I can tell you now.