Friday, 30 April 2010

Luxury for less.

I've been meaning to blog about this for a while but a new affordable luxury haircare range was launched a few months ago and features beautiful imagery, gorgeous packaging and luxurious ingredients all for much less than you'd expect to pay!

The man behind the brand, Neil Capstick, was getting tired of ordering in a whole range of products to his salon, and then only liking a few key items, so, he has created Neal & Wolf  - a range of professional hair products which take inspiration from the hero products in various other professional brands.

The team behind the brand researched thoroughly into what women want, which confirmed that although women are after hair products that offer luxury as well as results, they felt that they had to make a choice between the two - which is where this gorgeous new brand steps in…

The range is made up of a shampoo and conditioner as well as an intensive conditioner, and 7 styling products, all having been created to give women the chance to indulge every day without having to pay for it - the highest price tag is £12.95! They also worked with the perfume house that has created some of the best known scents, so each product smells beautiful, and the packaging really does feel high end – look at the top image too (click on it to see properly, I can't do it justice in the format of my blog) – how amazing is that?!

The entire Neal & Wolf product portfolio is as follows:

Ritual Daily Shampoo and Ritual Daily Conditioner which smell amazing and are light enough to use everyday, leaving the hair feeling beautifully soft. Harmony intensive care conditioner is also absolutely fab and after just one use completely changed how my hair felt!
On the styling side there is Guard, a heat protector; Form to shape and hold the hair while adding shine; Silk, a smoothing blow dry balm; Shape, a pliable paste; Fix hairspray, Elevate, to provide volume and Glow shine spray.

I’ve not used all of the styling products but Glow is a lovely, light shine spray which doesn’t weigh the hair down and Guard, the heat protector, does the same as most but just smells so much nicer! I have also tried Elevate, but I found it was a bit too heavy on my hair and felt a bit greasy once it had dried which, considering it’s a volume lotion, most people would be using it on fine hair so it seems that it could just be that I’m used to using volume sprays which are a much lighter texture and perhaps I should have experimented with it a bit more.

Secret beauty verdict: At last! Luxurious products that don’t have to cost the earth, everything about using them is beautiful and they really have created that ‘daily indulgence’ feel they wanted to.


  1. sounds lovely! i wash my hair everyday (starting to use dry shampoos though) and the daily shampoo/conditioner would be wonderful!

    thanks for sharing!


  2. What is so annoying about my hair is that most shampoo's from the UK and other ... 'western' air products do not do my hair any good at all. I have to use Asian hair products (I am half filipino) - I use herbal essences hello hydration shampoo (coconut) and Creme Silk conditioner from the Philippines - have you tried any of these two products? I reccommend them :D

    Have a great weekend! xoxox
    Sarah @

  3. Dani, you should definitely give them a go and see what you think.

    Sarah, must be so frustrating not finding anything - have you tried salon only products? They are a bit more money but I really find they work. I did used to use Herbal Essences before I started using professional products and did find they worked, it's just that they're mainly made up of water so don't have as much 'goodness' in as the more expensive brands that are very concentrated (and last ages too!)


  4. I have tried a couple of the salon products but they don't seem to last long. I can't afford them anyway meh, my hair is going through one those phases atm when no matter what I do, irregardless of the shampoo & conditioner.. it just looks terrible :( other times, it looks fantastic and I don't even have to blow dry it!

    Thank you for your advice! I may give salong products another go sometimes - can't hurt :) xxx

    Sarah @

  5. Your post is very interesting and i listen that if we wash hair everyday then its damage..That true or not?

  6. Hi Pure skincare, it is best not to wash the hair everyday as it is important for the natural oils not to constantly get stripped away, so every 2 or 3 days is best. If you do need to wash it every day then either invest in a dry shampoo to use in between, or get a very gentle shampoo and conditioner desinged for daily use, such as the Neal & Wolf products here. Hope that helps!