Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Re-create Pixie's waves...

She may not have won any Brits last night - but Pixie Lott's old-school glamorous waves looked gorgeous.

Akin Konizi from hob salons, the current British Hairdresser of the Year (and lovely man to boot) was the man who created this beautiful 40s-inspired look for Pixie. Here he is to tell you how:

"To recreate this look, firstly apply a generous spritz of High Hair Designer Spray by Wella Professionals  (RRP £9.95) to towel dried hair. Once rough dried, I used a finger waving technique at the roots, setting the ends. However, to achieve this look yourself at home, divide hair into 2 inch long by 1 inch wide sections and vertically tong the hair, making sure that all sections are styled in the same direction.

Once all the hair has been worked through, don’t be afraid to brush through and let the waves settle in, applying a serum based product such as High Hair Pure Glamour (RRP £11.95) into your hands and gently run through the hair to eliminate any flyaway hairs and add a glass-like sheen. Finish with Shaper Fierce by Sebastian Professional (RRP £14.95) for hold".

Akin uses Wella Professionals products (which I personally think are fab, and really reasonably priced too), but all you need for this simple style is a bit of practice, a foundation styling product to put on damp hair, some serum and a hairspray to finish - which should all be staple products anyway!


  1. Hey doll, i think you used to follow my old blog, i just made a new one & wondered if you would follow me again, i already follow you :) xx

    This is the best blog ever xx

  2. When I went to beauty school 19 years ago I thought WHY WHY WHY do they make us do fingerwaves! SOOOO glad I learned now they are everywhere!

  3. love her bright lips.