Thursday, 25 February 2010

Long-lasting lips

Ladies, I am working on the requests from my Happy Friday blog I wrote aaaaaaages ago and am so sorry it’s taken so long; it’s been manic with all the Fashion Weeks everywhere so I’m just catching up now!

I just wanted to do a quick blog as I‘ve been looking for a really good blood red lipstick for ages, but none of the colours have been quite right – either too dark or too red, so, when I was buying my Master Corrector in Apricot from Giorgio Armani cosmetics (amazing for covering dark circles btw), I asked about their lipsticks and found the perfect shade. There are 18 in total, but the Rouge d’Armani shade 403 (RRP £25) was the colour I’d been looking for, so I snapped it up straight away.

I road tested it a couple of days later at a work event which involved a three course meal, lots of wine and went on late into the night, which I personally think is quite a hard test – and I wasn’t disappointed. The colour was so rich, the lipstick really moisturising considering it was so long-lasting and I only had to reapply once! And even then I didn’t really need to, I just wanted to make the colour a bit richer after dinner. It didn’t really leave any mark on the wine glass, there was no smudging at all (including on the teeth) and a vibrant colour all night – amazing! All I would say is that you may want to exfoliate your lips properly before you put this as flaky lips will show up, not a great look.

A little added extra is the cool magnetic lid on the lipstick meaning that it’s safe in your handbag – nothing worse than the lid coming off and staining your bag red!

Secret Beauty Verdict: A-MA-ZING. I was so surprised by this lipstick, lasting through a wine-fuelled 8 hour evening, which included dinner and not having to reapply, what’s not to like?!


  1. sounds fab, well need to make my way to the makeup counter v.soon thanks for the fab review x

  2. like the sound of this, i have heard Armani is pretty darn good and not having to reapply a red is very unusual. And I am a sucker for the gadget - magnet...very nice!

  3. I like red Lipsticks because its using mostly in different makeup.

  4. I like red but not for occasional purposes. Depend on mood of taste which can be changed.

  5. Red, an organic chemist in New York and New Jersey, created the first long lasting lipstick,