Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Gorgeous Grammy Hair

Mahogany Hairdressing’s Richard Thompson shares his hair how-tos with The Secret Beauty Blogger…

“Fergie looked stunning with her new darker shade of brown hair. To get this colour if you are naturally lighter, ask for dark, chocolate brown at your hairdressers. This style can be achieved by firstly rubbing a volumising gel through wet hair and using a round brush to blow dry, creating that soft, bouncy look. When hair is fully dry, use large Velcro rollers through the top layer of hair, in the roots, to create that ‘bouffant’ lift. Leave the rollers in for 30 minutes and then secure the style with a spray of hairspray!”

“Katy Perry looked stunning with her black, wavy hair and super-short fringe – perfect for her face shape. Again, volumising gel is the ideal product for this style, as it smoothes hair as well as adding volume. Start blow drying the fringe using a medium-sized vent brush, to get that rounded appearance and a textured finish. Then take a large round brush to dry the remaining hair, lifting the hair at the roots to get as much lift as possible. To finish, use straightening irons to create that loose curl. Put the irons in at the mid-lengths and twist 180degrees like a piece ribbon and pull it down to the ends to make that soft curl. Gorgeous!”

“Taylor Swift is sporting a look reminiscent of the eighties corkscrew perm, with a natural re-growth. Very cute and glossy. This style can be achieved by first drying the hair with a protective, anti-frizz serum and then sectioning the hair from the underneath, working toward the top of the head, ready for the curls. Take 1 inch sections and use a curling tong to get the ringlet effect, holding the tong in place for at least 12 seconds to firmly bend the hair. Taylor’s hair has a beautiful shine which can be achieved by spraying the finished look with a shine spray or rubbing a serum through the hair.”

“BeyoncĂ©’s hair looks glossy and glamorous, with gorgeous honey tones. To achieve BeyoncĂ©’s poker straight look, all those with afro hair would need to have a relaxing treatment in salon which would ease the blow-dry process and help achieve a straighter finish. As afro hair is naturally more delicate, I would recommend a treatment which builds the protein back into the hair and helps maintain a healthy appearance. Following the relaxing treatment I would suggest rubbing a serum through the hair to create a glossy, sleek finish. Start by wrap-drying the roots to gain a natural root-lift and when hair is nearly dry, turn the ends under using a large paddle brush. Using straightening irons, just iron the mid-lengths and ends to achieve a smooth finish.”


  1. You have an interesting cool Blog!
    I like Beyonce hair!

  2. I'm confused on Beyonce's post. She has extensions.

  3. Hi Chanel, she does have extensions but the styling advice would still be the same whether people trying to recrete this look had hair as long as hers or had extensions too. Both would need to have their hair relaxed and then stlye it in the same way.