Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Lust Have of the Month....

Ooh look at this gorgeous little retro dryer from Corioliss, very Cath Kidston!

This powerful Mini Vintage Dryer is only about 20cm big, has a really powerful motor for something so small and has a mini price too - only £25.99. I might snap up all four colours!

Each comes with a matching little travel bag and the floral and pink versions will be available very soon. Check out Look Fantastic for the blue and grey versions.


  1. The purple is great...love the hair post above. I switched to Abba shampoo and conditioner a year ago. The change is phenomenal.

  2. oh my god these are soooo cute! i love them! love the flowery one. I have a blog on www.westcoastcooler.ie aswell so great tip!