Thursday, 10 September 2009

Autumn Winter Trends 09

I'm sorry to say it but Autumn is gradually sneaking up on us, so to help keep your hair ahead of the game, I spoke to celebrity hairdresser, Richard Ward, to get his top tips for all hair types.


Richard says there’s a return to investment hair for Autumn Winter 09/10:

“Beautifully groomed hair is hot - well maintained, lustrous and super shiny, hair is smart and ultra-styled. Investment hair (like investment dressing) is key, but hair is Eco-Friendly; organic and naturally glamorous. Casually smart for day and dressed up for night, we’ve noticed that clients have ditched their credit crunch hair habits and are returning to key hair elements like they would wardrobe pieces; an expert versatile cut, long lasting styling and organic, couture colour are back!”

Short - Grown Out, No-Style glamour

As worn by: Winona Ryder

Last year’s crops have evolved - now they have their own identity as a look - grown-out, all over layers are worn long in the nape, tucked behind the ears, and
slicked back. Versatility is key - style them up or dress them down for a different, chameleon-esque take. Ultra textured, the soft, flexible cut can be styled with boyish glamour, or worn curled, waved or sleek, taking it’s inspiration from its 80’s retro roots and feel. It’s a multi-faceted cut; never boring and adaptable for day or evening.

Mid-length - Organic, Casual Glamour

As worn by: Alexa Chung, Katy Perry

Refined, textured and tapered long layers are key – hair has weight and volume around the baseline –straggly ends are a no-no. With an organic feel - hair is natural and pared down, pure and romantic. Its effortless glamour - styled but not over-styled, hair is shiny and natural. Grown-out or long fringes are shaped around the face for versatility and for simple daytime glamour. Dress it up with waves, curls and hair accessories for evening.

Long hair - High Polished Glamour

As worn by: Georgina Chapman, Amber Le Bon

The key to this look is glossy, natural and sophisticated; hair is healthy, lustrous and pure. Casual and natural during the day but dressed up with mermaid waves for evening, this is investment hair - grooming and effort is key. This isn’t the Big Hair look - this is more classically understated and chic - regular re-shapes (5 to 6 weeks), bi-weekly blow dries and conditioning treatments - are all de-rigueur to keep hair looking fabulous - this look is salon intensive.

Evening Looks

As worn by: Uma Thurman, Giselle

Red Carpet glamour is more sophisticated and understated again - chic and well-groomed, this is expertly achieved, investment styling. Movement is for mid-lengths and ends only - think Mermaid waves - or go for ultra -sleek , sultry chic. Subtly accessorise with crystal combs, pearls and grips; couture or on-off pieces for ultra chic. Achieve the look by incorporating extra length extensions into the nape to look natural and organic - subtlety is key.


As worn by: Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus

A key look for winter Red Carpets is the disconnected chignon. Classic, vintage chignons are worn classily and sleek at the nape, with the front worn loose and flowing to make hair look less severe - the result is a soft, effortlessly groomed look which works perfectly on any age and a style juxtaposition to look low key or high glamour.


Richard says, “Glossy, natural and pure, colour is rich and opulent. Investment colour - expensive looking, expert hair colour -which gives intense yet natural coverage gives hair an organic, purity of tone. Women have ditched their credit crunch disasters and appreciate the luxury of supremely applied colour - they won’t compromise and now want even more superior results”

Statement Blondes

As worn by: Kate Moss ,Paris Hilton

This is Not Ashamed to be Coloured Blonde - power blondes for 09/10 take their inspiration from the 80’s - blonde is bold; bright gold’s, champagne blondes, warm peachy tones and cinnamon beiges work as well as classic pearls and soft creams. This is shiny, expert conditioned blonde which illuminates features, and condition is key. Pure and clean, this blonde is defined and confidant.

Sandy Reds

As worn by: Julianne Moore, Lily Cole

Reds are high-depth this season, light and sparkling, they are sun-kissed and coppery in tone. These effervescent reds are unusually light for winter - natural looking and less overt, they are a more delicate take on the traditionally intense seasonal tones. Organic shades of russet, coral, peach, strawberry blondes, terracotta, saffron and honey, these warm-toned reds compliment pale skins and look natural and uncontrived. All over colour is key - colour is lavish and expertly applied.

Bronze Mid-tones

As worn by: Jennifer Anniston, Elle MacPherson

Mid-tones take their inspiration from the metallics of the catwalk. Colour has an all-over effect, whether it’s through intricate, multi-tonal highlights and lowlights or cascading Cento techniques, to the eye the colour is multi-faceted and glittering, with warmth and condition creating a glaze of colour. Light reflecting tones of praline, mocha, honey and caramel contrast with beiges, creams, apricot, almond and eggshell tones to create an overall glisten to the hair and a subtle sheen.

Super shiny Brunettes

As worn by: Megan Fox, Angeline Jolie

Well maintained, expertly conditioned and rich with intense colour molecules, brunettes reflect the light and shine as never before. Multi toned, striking all-over colour in shades of walnut, teak, sable, mink and tawny hues gives hair a fur-like sheen. Colour is luxurious and supremely applied, but glimmers with light catching pigments - rum, claret and brandy tones subtly glimmer through intense depths to give hair lustre and ultra shine and a natural looking, organic feel.


  1. Hi Secret Beauty Blogger, Just wanted to commend you for your outstanding blog update on fall color and style for hair.
    Great tips! Love the celebrities you chose to reference. In the salon I find that this is the easiest way clients can identify with color and new hair styles, by bringing in a pic of their fav celebrity wearing it.

  2. What a great post! You have given me so many ideas! Have a sweet Sunday!x

  3. Love this. I actually adore the short hair cut...So so sassy and sophisticated...

  4. I must thank you for suggesting clarins matte foundation. it has saved my life! That's a bit dramatic, but you know what I mean. I went to the Macy's where I live. I showed them a pic of the foundation I wanted on my iPhone. Bought it, looked in the bag, just to be sure...and it was the wrong foundation. I pointed this out to the salesgirl and she brought another woman into the transaction. They went rooting around, came back and told me it had been discontinued. Argh! I came home, got online and ordered it from Macy's online store. It was worth it! I love it.

  5. these tips are great! i have done the rihanna short hair/long bangs for a while now but I really like the do of winona in the top pic, somewhat softer. it's time to bring femininity back i think ;)