Monday, 24 August 2009

Va Va Voom! Get Cheryl's hair...

With the return of the X Factor comes the return of Cheryl Cole and her gorgeous voluminous hair. Rather than having to go to the hairdressers to try and recreate this look, I asked Paul Meritt how to get this style from the comfort of your own home!

Paul uses the ghd IV salon styler but any straightener in the same shape (with bevelled edges to curl) will work…

• Prepare your hair first with a thermal protector to protect from heat styling and then use ghd Heat Protectant Spray to help create and maintain volume.

• Take a section of hair from the front hairline to the crown (the crown is pretty much where the parting finishes at the back).

• Working from the front hairline, take manageable sections and gently clamp your hair at the roots in the styler, rotating 180 degrees toward the crown and lifting vertically.

• Then, guide the styler upwards from the root to the ends of the hair.

• Once a loose curl has been formed, wrap the hair into a barrel around two fingers and use a Kirby grip to secure in place at the root (like having rollers in your hair). Repeat this process, working systematically through the top section of hair from the hairline to the crown.

• Working through the rest of the hair, take manageable sized sections, place the ghd IV salon styler in at the root of the hair, rotate 180 degrees and lift slightly as with the top section to create volume. These sections do not need to be pinned and can be left loose.

• Once all the hair has been styled, the top section will have cooled. Unpin the barrel curls, tip your head up side down and use fingers to gently separate the curls. Whilst in this position, finish with hairspray for a light, manageable hold and shine.

Et voila! Gorgeous, bouncy pop star hair!


  1. This might sound naive, but is she from Girls Aloud? We Americans aren't too familiar with British celebs... She is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the hair tips :)

  2. I know, she's beautiful isn't she?! I have a slight girl crush on her actuallly :-)

    Yes Valerie, she is from Girls Aloud and everyone over here seems to want her hair! x

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  4. These tips are great. Cheryl's hair is beautiful.

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  5. Thanks, all the models in all the articles i read just have wavy hair, would like to see someone with ringlets like mine!

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