Thursday, 13 August 2009

Dry Shampoos

This has been a long time coming but I’m finally writing a blog on Dry Shampoos – in response to Laura’s question ages ago!

I personally don’t wash my hair daily as it means I can’t do anything with it at all, especially if I want to wear it up as it’s just too ‘slippy’ when freshly washed and I always think it looks better on day two. This can be a problem though as it’s easy to leave it just one day too long thinking I can get away with it, but it just goes flat and lank. There are many women out there though who need to wash their hair daily, but when this isn’t possible, dry shampoos are a must-have product.

Before I get on to the ones I like, I want to mention one I’m not too keen as it’s hugely expensive when there are better products out there. Bumble & Bumble’s Hair Powders come in Red, White, Blondish, Brown and Black to sprinkle on the roots to soak up oil and add texture. They are fine for adding texture but the powder feels really heavy on the root and dirtier than it was before I put it on! I usually love Bumble Products but with an RRP of £27 I’d definitely suggest spending a lot less for a much better product.

So, onto the products I like - starting with KMS California’s HairPlay Makeover Spray (£RRP 13.40). This spray has a gorgeous citrus fragrance and has been designed to absorb excess oil and increase volume at the roots which it does perfectly. It’s also great to add a ‘matt’ finish to the whole of the hair when going for hippy waves, or a sleepy ‘tousled’ look.

Andrew Barton’s S.O.S Last Another Day Dry Shampoo (RRP £3.89) is another one with a gorgeous fragrance and is the cheapest of the lot. To be honest, it is my least favourite of the three I’m reviewing which perhaps reflects the price, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad product, it just doesn’t last as long as the other two do. Andrew is also so lovely and down to Earth, so everyone should buy his products anyway!

This is the best dry shampoo I have EVER tried – I absolutely love this product and every girl needs it on her dressing table. James Brown is better known as “Kate Moss’ Hairdresser” and has a range of products (with Ms Moss as his cover girl, naturally) that includes the Hair Reviving Dry Shampoo. This little beauty is handbag sized but last for ages, has no offensive smell and completely makes the hair feel clean again, I honestly can’t rave about it enough - at £5.99 it’s a bargain too!


  1. Hi sweetie wonderful post and I look forward to trying these. Great suggestions

  2. Hi there, thanks so much for this post. Was just talking about this topic with a friend.


  3. I might try the James Brown one next, I am using the Bastise ones at the moment (sp?). Where is the Andrew Barton one available from?


  4. thanks so much for this post. Was just talking about this topic with a friend.

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  5. Hi Girl WTG Touch, I've tried the Bastise but didn't feel they worked for me, I know others who like them though. The Andrew Barton products are avaiable from Asda at the moment, but will probably end up rolling out further soon. Have a search online too as you may be able to get them there. xx

  6. i use the bumble and bumble to cover my regrowth when needed and it is perfect for that!!