Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Summer Lovin'.

Apologies for the long time without blogging but I’ve been on holiday and am just getting back into real life, not fun. So, because of this, I thought I’d talk about sun protection for the hair.

Before I worked in this industry I never really bothered with hair protection and didn’t actually realise how much there was on the market! Honestly, I go away on holiday and now actually come home with hair in better condition than before rather than coming back a dry, frizzy mess!

A great thing to do before you go away is have a good haircut and conditioning treatment to ensure your hair is in the best condition possible and then colour when you get home so as not to ruin it in the sun/sea/pool. Then make sure you pack the following:

The best Shampoo, Conditioner and Sun Protector that I have tried is the K√©rastase Soleil range as it leaves the hair in amazing condition but is one of the most expensive on the market (the three products I’ve mentioned will set you back around £50) which is also probably the reason I’ve found them to be the best.

A close second however, and at the cheaper end is the Wella Lifetex range. I love the Hair & Body Shampoo followed by the Sun Colour Preserve Cream, a gorgeous leave-in conditioner specifically for coloured hair. During the day, the Sun Shimmer Splash contains an SPF 15 for hair and body and contains shimmering particles to really enhance your tan and make your hair shine. All of these products will cost around £20 and although the K√©rastase products are better, I’d suggest these if you are on more of a budget.

Another great product to use during the day to protect your hair from the sun is Philip Kingsley’s Swimcap (RRP £17). This cream was developed by Philip to water and weather proof the hair abit like duck's feathers and it guards against discolouration and damage caused by UV, sea and pool water. Applied to damp hair, I only need to reapply this once throughout the day even if I spend most of it in the pool and when I wash it off in the evening, my hair feels silky smooth.

I’m lucky to have a natural wave in my hair anyway, but one product I love when I go on holiday is KEVIN.MURPHY’s HAIR.RESORT (RRP £12.95). When I scrunch this gorgeous smelling, shimmery gel into my damp hair, it dries without frizz and keeps my waves looking fresh all evening, it lasts forever too!

Once home, I use Aveda’s After Sun Hair Treatment Masque (RRP£14.50) in place of my usual treatment for a couple of weeks and my hair is softer than ever! If you are short on time then Goldwell Dualsenses Sun Reflects After Sun 60 Sec Treatment
(RRP £8.35) is absolutely amazing, look out for the other treatments they have in that range too.


  1. Hope you had a wonderful vacation. We missed you. Thanks for the tips :)

  2. Great post as always dear!!!!!

    I hope you enjoyed your vacation,


  3. Ah, you guys are so lovely, i missed my blogging friends!! xxx

  4. Thanks for all that lovely info, hope you had a really great holiday! xx