Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Paul Mitchell Super Strong Liquid Treatment

The new Paul Mitchell Super Strong Liquid Treatment (around £15) is AMAZING! It’s from the Super Strong range which I haven’t used yet as I prefer other brands to PM, but I think I might try it now if the rest of the range is as good as this.
This spray is basically a leave-in conditioner which strengthens and protects to help replace lost minerals and proteins, repairs from the inside out with marine extracts and vegetable proteins and helps seals split ends.
I generally don’t use leave-in conditioners as (and it’s definitely a psychological thing) I feel that by putting a thick, creamy conditioner in my hair for a few minutes and then rinsing it out, it’s really getting deep into the hair. So, I still washed and conditioned my hair in the same way, but then once I had dried the hair off slightly, I sprayed this all over and combed it through. WOW! Even before my hair was dry it felt so smooth and soft and almost like it was before I’d wrecked it with years of highlights.

Secret Beauty Verdict: For anyone lusting after hair that feels like silk, this is for you!


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