Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Wax on, wax off

Just a quick one about Lycon SoYummy Chocolate & Hazelnut hot wax...it's fab! I can't big up hot waxing enough anyway but this really is the best I've tried.

If you go to a salon to get your bikini wax done then I'd really suggest finding one that offers hot wax (especially if you have a Brazilian or Hollywood). I think the UK is slightly behind the rest of the world with this so apologies if you are reading this thinking I am so 5 years ago, but I went to a salon about a year ago for a bikini hot wax assuming that this would be the same as usual (the wax goes on warm and they use a strip to wax it off) - not this time. Hot wax is pasted on in the same way, but then left to cool as it ‘shrink-wraps’ around the hair using the heat of the wax to open the pores for the hair to come out easier and then stripped straight off the skin. Since having hot wax I can’t go back to my old ways as it is almost painless and I have absolutely no reaction (apart from a bit of redness) but with the Lycon wax I had yesterday it did not hurt once, NOT ONCE! I know they do home waxing kits which I’d recommend instead of your usual home waxing but if you can go to a salon for it then do.

Secret Beauty Verdict: use hot wax every time and try and find a Lycon salon if possible.

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  1. argggh the UK is so behind. I remember a few years ago I was there and I went for my regular brazilian and I almost died on the spot when I realised the therapist was attempting to do with strips. I never ever dared have a wax in the UK again. Horrible. We have been using hot wax here in sydney for as long as I've been a waxer so about 14 years!!