Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Blonde Ambition

As Summer is starting to edge ever closer in the UK, I thought it was about time to talk blonde...blondes represent about 70% of the colour service in salons and it is always as the sun starts to come out, that people want their hair to reflect this. If you're thinking about doing the same, or just want the latest update to your already blonde hair then read on...

I had a word with the UK's top hairdressers to get their tips on what is big for blondes in 2009.

“Always a popular colour for spring/summer, not surprisingly this season we will see an emphasis on blondes. However, there will be a definite move away from last season’s grey silver slate blondes and a move towards vanilla, champagne and milk white tones through to sand, cinnamon and sandalwood shades. Embracing a cleaner palette, blondes will be brighter and more eye-catching. The emphasis is on a clean, pure result with translucent, dazzling colour. Working to complement fashion trends for spring/summer 09, more creative work will see blondes infused with accents of soft pastel tones merged together for a seamless result. With a big nod to the 80’s and a kaleidoscope of colours dominating the catwalks, build interest by using pastel tones such as rose, dusty lilac and lemon to enhance blondes.”Christel Lundqvist, Head Technical Educator for hob salons & academy

“Blondes this year are taking two directions. Firstly, strong ash blondes of an all over nature are very on trend; looking clean and shiny is the key to wearing it well, but it’s a look best kept to pale, creamy complexions and if the natural hair is not too dark as seen on Agyness Deyn. Warmer tones are also out there working it, the soft thread-like highlighted look similar to that of Jennifer Aniston and Kylie is so subtle and subdued, it almost looks like the sun has slightly bleached out the hair, but still has that warmth of tone. Stay away from heavy highlights and mixed tones this year, monotone hair is the vibe for 2009.”
Tracey Devine for Angels, Aberdeen

"Blondes are spanning from cool and icy to rich caramels and honey blondes for 2009. Eyelash skimming purdey fringes will be any hair fashionista’s must have, especially worn with a prism of colour, although towards the midsummer the fringe will raise slightly to midway on the forehead making way for a new edge to any length haircut. I love Agyness Deyn’s cut and colour; for 2009 she has modified her crop beautifully to a short cute flapper style length bob and added the 'new' fringe.”
Rae Palmer, Southern Hairdresser of the Year

“I love blondes and the challenges of making them look either very glamorous or very natural. Bleach and tints are such a great combination as the results can be breathtaking. Pale pearl may be the fashionista’s first choice, but beach blondes will still enjoy their moment in the sun, Jennifer Aniston guarantees that. Her hair looked gorgeous at The Oscars and she has a hit movie out, therefore honey, gold and caramel blends will be big.”
Steven Goldsworthy for Goldsworthy’s, Swindon

“The Spring ‘09 feeling is all about the sheer nuances of dimensional color and tones to achieve a softer, more natural effect. How we achieve this is with tonality - we are looking for more sheer tonality rather than definite dimension. For blondes, we see different takes on highlights. It's a more 'lived in' and organic highlight versus an obvious streak. It's almost like if you look at a piece of toffee and you see the swirls of color. We are hand-painting and artistically placing lightener with a bevelled sponge applicator away from the scalp rather than on. We are adding subtle sheer tonality to blondes - whether it is a strawberry or a honey tone that gives a more shimmery sheer lustre to the hair. We are also seeing a commitment to a softer side of ash which is always popular, for a more demure, quiet blonde.”Linda Yodice - Global Artistic Director for Paul Mitchell Professional Colour

“We’ll be seeing a whole lot of what I call ‘girlie girl’ walking around this season which is lightweight, almost product free hair, nearly flyaway in texture. The hair does have movement and root lift but there’s a focus on almost chunky layer free hair cuts. Gwyneth Paltrow’s bob is the shining example of where a bob should be at to be totally on trend now, it has a very strong outline with the product free effortlessness of this summer’s look. Colour this spring/summer is all about the dusty blonde, a soft sandy almost matt blonde with a mussy texture.”
Lisa Shepherd, Lisa Shepherd Salons

“This season is all about the gorgeous and groomed look with a super glossy expensive looking finish whether straight or curly with colour all about enhanced natural tones in vibrant solid shades. Long hair will fall in face framing layers and fringes will be wide, deep and heavy. Shorter classic shapes will be strong but feminine, with bobs given edgy texture and a tailored look.”
Anya Dellicompagni and Michelle Thomson, Francesco Group

“Blondes will be warmer this season so platinum blondes will be shot through with apricots, golds, honey and biscuit tones. Curls will be bang on trend…the bigger the better! Make sure those curls are worked on, teased and back combed to give them as much texture and movement as possible. Sophisticated updos are also great this season with buns and sleek knots giving that ‘just off the runway’ look.”
Clive Johnston, Clive Alexander


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